Pubdate: Wed, 24 Dec 2003
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2003, The Tribune Co.
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Author: Stephen Heath

To the editor:

If the Florida Department of Health were serious about reducing the
amount of sexual violence in the 'nightclub' scene, they would forget
about cocktail napkins which describe the relatively rare use of so
called club drugs being slipped into someone's drink.

Rather they would distribute mass warnings about the most common
'date-rape' drug - alcohol.  For a female of average build, ingesting
just 4-6 doses of alcohol in a two hour period can result in a
dramatic and often tragic loss of judgement, balance and ability to
protect ones self against unwanted sexual activity.  Given that many
nightclubs in Florida offer reduced prices on alcohol sales to
females, it's not hard at all for a woman to pound this much booze, or
even far more, in a given night out.

Responsible use of alcohol is not limited to the avoidance of driving
an automobile while under the influence.  For many people it must
definitely include careful monitoring of your level of intake in order
to protect your personal safety.

Unfortunately the failure of the FDH to focus on this important fact
is right in line with Jeb Bush drug policies in Tallahassee.  Properly
funding prevention and education messages about the two most dangerous
and addictive drugs - alcohol and tobacco - might make good sense, but
would likely annoy big campaign donors from both of these powerful

Respectfully submitted,


Heath is the Public Relations Director for The Drug Policy Forum of Florida
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