Pubdate: Sat, 03 Jan 2004
Source: Zephyr, The (IL)
Copyright: 2004, The Zephyr
Author: Richard J. Rawlings



How many times do we have to remind everyone of the dangers of prohibition 
(currently masquerading as the "dangers of drugs and drug use") before 
people wake up?

How many more people will have to go to jail for possession, selling, 
growing, and the manufacturing of drugs before we realize there is a better 

How many more innocent people will have to die in drive-by shootings and 
mistaken home raids (by both cops and crooks) before we think to maybe try 
another approach, one that is demonstrated every day to be a better 
solution than prohibition? Who is killing or robbing for a Budweiser or a 

How much more will terrorists, gangs and crooked cops earn off the black 
market created by prohibition before it's enough?

The government needs to take the money out of the hands of criminal 
organizations. Start using our tax dollars, the money that they have been 
throwing away for the last 30+ years on this failed war on drugs, to 
regulate and educate. If not, prohibition will only keep feeding and 
breeding criminal activity.

The studies have been done. The jury is in. Prohibition does not work.

Richard J. Rawlings

Illinois Marijuana Party

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