Pubdate: Sat, 31  Jul 2004
Source: New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2004 New Zealand Herald
Author: D. B. Campbell
Cited: NORML New Zealand


It appears that the pro-cannabis group, Norml, is more concerned about
public safety than the police who are sworn to protect it. For police
to assert that getting sick through unknowingly smoking marijuana
poisoned by the police is "the risk you take", is a dereliction of

The only reason police have taken to spraying plants rather than
pulling them up and burning them is to save money. If someone dies
through this cavalier policy, will the response of the police be just
"tough luck"?

This is proof of the moral bankruptcy of prohibition and the black
market it creates. It does not deter users and does not address social
or health problems; it merely puts people at greater risk.

How much land has been poisoned and how many innocent animals have
suffered through police spraying operations? Where have these
operations been carried out? We have a right to know.

D. B. Campbell


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