Pubdate: Wed, 04 Aug 2004
Source: Maple Ridge News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Maple Ridge News
Author: Brent Caughy


Re: District removes camp for squatters from 127th (NEWS, July 28).

Come on people. Let's get our heads out of our collective rear-ends.
There is no crime wave descending on Maple Ridge perpetuated by roves
of bearded bicycle-riding meth freaks who thrive on stealing your 800
pound riding lawn mower or 600 board feet of lumber and cases of lawn

Oh sure, many of us have seen these people late at night with a stolen
motorcycle strapped to their bicycle rat traps with bungee cords,
zipping down to the local immigrant gang/drug dealers clubhouse to
sell off the daily acquisitions.

I moved here first in 1975. I have seen a great deal of good and bad
happen in Maple Ridge over the years. I knew people who had tools and
motorbikes taken from their homes, too. Ten years ago. I have also
seen this area grow faster than I would have guessed it would. With
this kind of population, crime will grow. So lock your doors and put
your expensive stuff away.

Sorry Mr. building supply owner, but with the increase in your profits
from all those houses that we built here came a huge population. So
buy security and/or a big dog. This isn't Mayberry any more.

And one other thing. Before we blame homeless people and roaming
zombie drug addicts, let's think about our own self images. I'm
referring to the suburban middle weekend warriors here who want to
express their self images with bad-ass tattoos and Harleys and their
kids with their pimp and hooker look portrayals. So many here idolize
the criminal image but we cry and moan when a real criminal takes the
stuff we leave out in our yards.

And don't be so quick to judge what you think you see. The other day I
was doing some yard work and while in my grubby work clothes I road my
old beater bicycle to the store. I guess about half the people I
passed took me for a zombie homeless drug freak.

Brent Caughy

Maple Ridge
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