Pubdate: Thu, 12 Aug 2004
Source: Mission City Record (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 The Mission City Record
Author: Ron Porter


Editor, The Record:

Re: Argument supporting drug trade real crime, Aug. 5, The Record:

Robert T. Rock, in strong, poorly chosen words, criticizes Alan
Randell for suggesting people should be allowed to ingest what they
want to.

Mr. Rock goes on to ask what we think about a series of classic
arguments for continuing drug prohibition - birth defects, overdoses,
drive by shootings, robberies, home-invasions, panhandling - all
because of drugs. This poor man just doesn't get the message. Those
are the exact reasons we want to eliminate prohibition!

I feel bad that no matter what anyone says or what anyone proves, you
will still walk around with patches over your eyes and silly putty in
your ears and you will never get it.

The current "War on Drugs" is causing more damage to our children, our
society and our very existence than any other social policy, law or
war that we have ever seen in the history of our country. Only
prohibition of alcohol came close to threatening our very way of life
as much as the current prohibition is causing. That is what Alan
Randell believes and that is what many thousands of the rest of us

I have plenty of experience in the world of drugs Bobby and I know
from experience that you are the real danger - you and all the other
closed or destroyed minds who spout such ignorance.

Good luck with life Bobby - you will be defeated. It is only a matter
of when.

Ron Porter

Portland, Oregon

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