Pubdate: Sun, 05 Sep 2004
Source: Bay City Times, The (MI)
Copyright: 2004 The Bay City Times
Author: Gary Storck


While it may be true the media has given short shrift to the City of 
Detroit's recent passage of a municipal medicinal marijuana ordinance, it 
has not gone unnoticed, (Our View, Aug. 24).

Medical marijuana supporters here in Madison, Wis., were watching closely 
and were elated at the results. Madison voters passed a similar law here 
back in April 1977. While Detroit's law may only apply at the city level, 
like Madison's, its passage gives hope to patients who can benefit from 
medical marijuana, whether they live in Detroit or not.

Passage of the Detroit law sends a strong message to spineless lawmakers at 
the state and federal levels who are fully aware of the value of medical 
marijuana to patients and their families, yet refuse to act, for political 

Withholding medicine from the sick by force is not only cruel, but also 
un-American. It's time this issue is settled at the national level so 
patients are no longer forced to choose between protecting their health or 
breaking the law.

Gary Storck, Madison, Wis.
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