Pubdate: Sun, 05 Sep 2004
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 The Province
Author: Jodie Giesz-Ramsay


I commend the Vancouver police for not shutting down Da Kine Smoke and
Beverage shop for selling marijuana.

There have been no accidents due to cannabis use at Da Kine's
operation. There has been no vandalism, no increase in drug use and no
more drug peddlers.

You won't come across any hard drugs around here.

Da Kine also serves the healthiest, safest marijuana available, not
chemical-infested shwag.

Another benefit is increased business for the Commercial Drive area.
Believe me, food establishments are grateful for Da Kine.

Vancouver gets thousands of tourists from around the world, not only
to enjoy the freedom we celebrate here, but to experience Vancouver's
varied culture and beauty.

Pot tourism is alive and well in Vancouver, I assure you.

If there are concerns about children in the area, the location is
discreet, there is a 19-year-old age limit, ID is required, and the
space is ventilated.

No one is even exposed to marijuana unless they go inside the cafe.

So I extend my thanks to Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell, city
councillors and the Vancouver police for being true to their real
duties instead of cracking down on a successful, taxpaying, discreet,
safe and very popular marijuana establishment.

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay

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