Pubdate: Sun, 19 Sep 2004
Source: Dalles Chronicle, The (OR)
Copyright: 2004 Eagle Newspapers Inc.
Author: Jackie Thomas


To The Editor:

I have been watching the growing rhetoric concerning Measure 33. As
written now the law falls way short of the needs of most patients. One
ounce in your possession and three at the grow site does not allow for
the amount that most would get at the harvest, and does not allow
enough to get through the non-growing season.  Measure 33 corrects
these problems by allowing enough to be stored for the annual needs of

What about those who cannot grow their own or find a caregiver that
can do it for them? Dispensaries would solve this problem. There are
10,000+ registered patients in Oregon. Many of them cannot find a
secure source of the medicine they need. As it is now these ill people
have to beg for their meds or go to the black market to get them. This
measure would eliminate this humiliation and risk to these seriously
ill people. These dispensaries would be licensed by and overseen by
the state, which would create a safe reliable source of medical
marijuana for these ill people. This is not about legalization. It is
about a reliable source for this safe, effective medicine. Vote Yes on

Jackie Thomas

Mosier, OR 
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