Pubdate: Sun, 19 Sep 2004
Source: Dalles Chronicle, The (OR)
Copyright: 2004 Eagle Newspapers Inc.
Author: Sandee Burbank


To the editor,

In 1998 when the medical marijuana initiative was on the ballot, law
enforcement and the federal government claimed that the "sky would
fall". However in the past six years crime has not increased, there
hasn't been dangerous health problems reported and even youngsters
understand that marijuana is medicine.

Now with over 10,000 seriously ill patients in the Oregon Medical
Marijuana Program, it is time to make this medicine more available for
them.  Measure 33 fixes the flaws in the law that requires patients to
grow their own medicine, but only allows them to keep 3 ounces at a
time.  Patients find this inadequate, as many use over one ounce per

The Federal Government knows how much marijuana a patient needs in a
year, as they have been supplying a few select patients with marijuana
for over 20 years. These patients are currently receiving over 6
pounds per year, the same 6 pounds Measure 33 would allow.

One must question why the Federal Government doesn't just recognize
marijuana as medicine and allow doctors to prescribe it, eliminating
the need for special state programs.

Until then, vote YES on 33, so patients can get the medicine they

Sandee Burbank

Mosier, OR 97040 
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