Pubdate: Thu, 23 Sep 2004
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Benn Byers
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I write to acknowledge the slant that mainstream media is putting on
stories pertaining to the Da Kine cafe and cannabis use in general.

It is easy to understand as I only see one stream in the media these
days. This cafe was opened by people that want to change the format in
which people acquire cannabis. One thing that is never brought into
the cannabis argument is that the plant in its natural qualities
appears to grow wild in many places on this earth.

Many of our laws and social acceptances are built on a foundation that
implies a creator. We do not have the right to oppress others because
"all men are created equal." All of nature is created equal indeed,
though it is harvested in a purely elitist fashion.

Millions of trees fall each year so that our "lifestyle" can continue.
A lifestyle that involves an allowance for suffering caused by
poverty. Many people live a hurried and stressful life because they
were born into the elements of society that are not provided for.
These people develop stress related diseases and these proliferate
further when they are accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness.

When these people become sick or depressed (there should be a
difference by now) they are prescribed cocktails of narcotics. One for
feelings of hopelessness another for the appetite and then a few more
to take care of the symptoms caused by the former.

There is a pill that is prescribed to copious amounts of women in this
country under the guise of an anti-depressant. I have known a few of
these women and I know that intense self reflection upon their life
situation is what they need and not pills full of horrible side
effects. Perhaps someone to ask them isolated questions relating to
their psyche and then help in putting the answers in the right place.
The sad part of my answer to the situation is that it makes no
difference to our economy.

In fact rather, it would require our economy to search elsewhere for
income because without the ability to prescribe drugs that only pass
regulation in the name of the financial race, our country and ones
like it would not be making nearly enough money. Now if cannabis were
legal for people suffering from pain and misalocated life energy they
would soon see that expensive prescriptions are not always necessary.

Plants, however, when legalized will remain a natural resource that
can not be confined to crown land and fallen en masse to line the
pockets of the upper class.

When condemning Da Kine, remember that you are condemning real people
to purchase a natural painkiller from people that also have other
handy substances readily available.

An interesting tid-bit about these substances: Heroin, once in the
human body, rapidly converts itself into morphine. Coincidence I suppose...

Benn Byers
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