Pubdate: Wed, 29 Sep 2004
Source: Capital Times, The  (WI)
Page: 11A, editorial section
Copyright: 2004 The Capital Times
Author: Jacki Rickert


Dear Editor:

I'm very grateful to Doug Moe for again sticking up for people like his 
friend and myself who need medical cannabis to stay alive, "Medicinal pot, 
it's a good thing" (Sept. 25).

I do need, however, to correct an error that unfortunately keeps getting 
repeated whenever the story about my approval for federal medical marijuana 
is discussed in the press, that I "had to provide (my) physician a safe 
weighing at least 700 pounds for storing the marijuana until it was 
transferred to (me)."

The truth is the required double-locking safe had already been built into 
cement at my physician's office when the building was constructed in 1956 
and had passed all approvals.

While George Bush the elder made sure patients like me would not get 
federal supplies of medical marijuana and George Bush the younger 
flip-flopped on his 1999 campaign promise to let states set their own 
policies on it, there is hope in John Kerry. I attended his recent rally at 
the Alliant Energy Center and while my wheelchair prevented me from meeting 
him, a friend did and he asked Kerry when patients like me would receive 
legal access to medical marijuana. Kerry replied, "When I'm president."

It seems more than the laws need changing.

And if you really want to hear from patients themselves how important 
medical cannabis is to their health and well-being and how urgent changing 
the law is, please come down to the Cardinal Bar Friday from 5 to 8 p.m.

Jacki Rickert

founder & executive director

Is My Medicine Legal YET? 
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