Pubdate: Mon, 27 Sep 2004
Source: Greenville News (SC)
Copyright: 2004 The Greenville News
Author: Angela Hines


Re: Greenville Police Chief Willie Johnson testifying for a drug dealer. I
don't think anything is so wrong about him testifying for the drug dealer;
it shows how he knows the person well enough to support him for three years
house arrest instead of slamming prison doors on him. I have a nephew who
has been to jail for having drugs on him. And I will agree that drugs are
the reason for many of our problems today. Instead of building more space to
put the criminals and drug dealers in, they should build something to help
these drug dealers get rehabilitated and to let them work on jobs.

Besides putting drug dealers down, try to help them also. They are
addicted to money, where the addicts are addicted to their drugs. It's
all the same, you can't blame the drug dealer because the system down
here in Greenville County won't give them a chance to better
themselves. Should they go for job interviews and employers see their
record, they will not hire them. So please tell me how are they going
to get better? Putting handcuffs on them is not the answer.

Angela Hines, Greenville
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