Pubdate: Tue, 28 Sep 2004
Source: Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal
Author: Alan Randell


Editor, The Journal

Re Lytton grow operations found, Sep. 14

On and on it goes, bust after bust after bust, while marijuana remains
as plentiful and available as ever and the jails are filled to
overflowing with the unfortunate few who were caught with the stuff.

On and on it goes with the media immersing us all with a torrent of
drug bust stories from the cops' perspective with nary a word from
their victims, their families or from those like me who oppose drug

On and on it goes with the media falling over themselves promoting our
oppressive drug laws whose only purpose is to distract and entertain
the majority by persecuting an innocent minority.

Are we better than the Nazis because our drug laws threaten an
innocent minority with jail rather then with execution? I think not.

Are you better than the Nazi-controlled media that distributed
Hitler's hateful propaganda? I believe you are worse, much worse,
because you have the freedom to present a balanced picture but,
perhaps to support wealthy media owners who fear giving too much
freedom to the "common rabble", choose not to do so.

Fewer and fewer people are choosing to submit themselves to the
corporate propaganda our newspapers are shamelessly pedaling these
days and unless changes are implemented, the reach and power of the
print media will soon become a shadow of what they are today.

Alan Randell,

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