Pubdate: Mon, 04 Oct 2004
Source: Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
Copyright: 2004 The Oregonian
Author: Melinda Fellini
Cited: Measure 33


My mother passed away this August from bone cancer. I was her primary
caretaker for six weeks and had a front-row seat to the varying forms
of suffering she underwent.

The nausea became almost unbearable at times. When she could no longer
get the nausea pills down, she had to be given suppositories. As we
now know, medical marijuana is a wonderful natural remedy for this
side-effect of cancer and also helps to restore the patient's appetite.

My mother's friends told me they had been trying to think of something
they could do to help and knew that medical marijuana was one answer.
They concluded that a group of "old ladies" with no connections would
have a hard time "scoring" the needed marijuana, and the prospect
became absurd.

It is time to pass Measure 33 and quit making an effective remedy a
criminal offense.


Northwest Portland