Pubdate: Wed, 06 Oct 2004
Source: Colorado Daily (UC Edu, CO)
Copyright: 2004 Colorado Daily
Author: Paul Tiger


Marijuana is not lethal; it is not a poison. Alcohol does not mix well
with living things. Alcohol is effective as a disinfectant, because it
kills germs. After prolonged contact it kills everything. Most of us
can see the effects of marijuana and alcohol, and cannot class them in
the same categories.

Any person could smoke several joints during an evening and not suffer
illness or potential death. Increased marijuana smoking for the
majority of people puts them to sleep.

The illegality of consuming marijuana has been decriminalized in our

It is the will of the people of Colorado by amendment that makes
possession of small amount a Class 2 Petty offence. Punishable by a
$100 fine.

Paraphernalia is a separate charge and another $100

Prohibition doesn't work. Most of the young people that are consuming
alcohol are under age. They are drinking and we can't stop them. All
we can do is punish them.

Or we can let them chose that other 'evil'. The one that a majority of
the voters in this state have said is not a criminal act. We wouldn't
be encouraging anything, just make it less discouraging. Giving them
Freedom and Personal Responsibility will make them better citizens.
Prohibiting these same values will not.

NORML for Boulder promotes the reform of marijuana laws. We suggest
that the city of Boulder relax the penalty of possession of minor
amounts of marijuana as prescribed by state law to a $5 fine. Also $5
for paraphernalia.

Long time citizens of Boulder can well recall want life was like here
when we had no drug war and few problems. I need not go into the
failed drug war in this treatise. But for a few transgressors of
common decency and natural law, we had created laws that punished
many. The majority of harmless marijuana users suffer for a minority
of hard drug users though acts of law.

The Constitution of Colorado has been amended in regards to marijuana
possession and usage. This should be reflected in the decisions of
cities throughout the state in regards to enforcement and punishment.

Of all places, Boulder should reflect the successes of citizens
efforts to end the drug war throughout the state.

Paul Tiger

NORML for Boulder
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