Pubdate: Wed, 06 Oct 2004
Source: Tomahawk, The (Mountain City, TN)
Copyright: 2004 The Tomahawk
Author: Kirk Muse


Dear Editor:

I'm writing about two stories by Barbara Dunn on Sept. 29th: "Fire reveals
meth lab" and "More about meth."

It seem to me that recreational drugs like meth are far too dangerous
to be completely unregulated and controlled by criminals.

Only legal products can be regulated by our government. Only legal
products can be taxed by our government. And only legal products can
be controlled by our government.

Alcohol prohibition didn't stop people from buying and drinking
alcohol. It just stopped people from buying their alcohol from legal,
regulated and taxed sources.

And our drug prohibition policies are not stopping people from buying
and using recreational drugs. It's just stopping them from buying
their drugs from legal, regulated and taxed sources.

Please, for the sake of the children, regulate, control and tax the
sale of recreational drugs.

Speaking of taxes, I'd think that non-drug users would be very much in
favor of taxing products that they don't use.

Around here, taxing someone else's vice is very popular.

Best regards

Kirk Muse

Mesa, AZ
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