Pubdate: Wed, 13 Sep 2004
Source: Grants Pass Daily Courier (OR)
Contact:  2004 Courier Publishing Company
Author: Maya Manymoons Reames
Note: Headline by MAP


Yes, Oregonians are a compassionate people, and not easily hoodwinked. They 
are intelligent, concerned citizens too. That is why I believe, your 
editorial to the contrary, they will vote yes on Measure 33. They are 
intelligent enough to read the measure and discover your editorial got some 
things wrong.

First item of misinformation in your editorial seems to be the amount able 
to be possessed legally would "grow from seven plants and three ounces to a 
maximum of an unlimited number of plants and six pounds of cut and dried pot."

What the measure really says is patients could have 10 plants and any 
number of clones or seedlings under one foot high. As any farmer knows, not 
all seedlings live to maturity, and marijuana is no exception. In fact, 
clones and seedlings of marijuana survive at only a ratio of about one 
mature plant for every three to five starts.

The current law allowing only three ounces at any time does not allow those 
patients who must grow outdoors to have enough marijuana to last a month or 
so, even though the growing cycle is a full year. Where are the patients 
supposed to get their medicine the rest of the year?

The other inaccuracy of your editorial I will address here is regarding the 
nurse practitioners and naturopaths. The misconception that these 
professionals are not competent to recommend marijuana lies in not knowing 
the extent of their training or the current limits of their practices.

Currently, both nurse practitioners and naturopaths can prescribe Schedule 
II and Schedule III drugs. These drugs include Oxycotin, morphine, 
amphetamine and many other dangerous prescription drugs.

These drugs can be lethal, and marijuana has never caused a single death by 

Maya Manymoons Reames

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MAP posted-by: Richard Lake