Pubdate: Wed, 13 Sep 2004
Source: Grants Pass Daily Courier (OR)
Contact:  2004 Courier Publishing Company
Author: Ethan Felcher
Note: Headline by MAP


The common sense necessity of passing Measure 33 is obvious. If Oregonians 
have the right to use and possess cannabis, then they also have the right 
to safe, legal access to their medicine. Without legal, regulated 
dispensaries, the lengths patients often have to go to to obtain their 
medicine are arduous, as well as unsafe.

The current limits create a catch-22. A patient will have to obtain some of 
the medicine he needs through the black market, or try to produce more than 
the allotted amount, breaking the law either way.

By passing Measure 33, voters will be curtailing a large chunk of the black 
market, as well as giving dying and suffering patients who need the 
medicine easy access to it.

Please vote yes on Measure 33.

Ethan Felcher

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