Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jan 2004
Source: Delta Democrat Times (MS)
Copyright: 2004 Delta Democrat Times
Author: Stan White


To the editor:

The assertion "our youth need to be protected at all costs, no matter the 
end result," as stated in a column by Donald Adderton ("Drugs force tough 
decisions, result in unfair conclusions, Jan. 20, 2004 - Delta Democrat 
Times) is regrettable and irresponsible.

North America is suffering because of the need for credible drug law reform 
and the Goose Creek (S.C.) High School incident screams it out loud.

It is commendable to help youth resist drugs, alcohol, cannabis, coffee and 
cigarettes until they are older and responsible for their choices, but 
caging responsible adult cannabis users is not the correct way to do it.

 From observing the failure of the war on drugs, which is the ugly sequel 
to prohibition, "the end result" is an uncivilized embarrassment for all 
the world to see, which does not protect youth, and should not be allowed 
to continue.

Stan White,

Dillon, Colo.
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