Pubdate: Thu, 21 Oct 2004
Source: Varsity, The (CN ON Edu)
Copyright: 2004 The Varsity
Author: Tim Meehan
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Several studies have confirmed that marijuana and alcohol are economic 
substitutes with cross-price elasticities, like butter and margarine. This 
means that when marijuana use goes up, alcohol and other hard drug use goes 

Since the LCBO contributed nearly a billion dollars in revenue to 
provincial coffers in 2002-2003, could the increasing demand for 
marijuana-and the resulting potential for decreasing taxation revenue on 
alcohol-be the real reason for Monte Kwinter's new effort to demonize 
marijuana growers?

It's interesting that hydroponic gardeners have been growing tomatoes and 
other legal plants indoors for years without a similar governmental response.

Tim Meehan
Director of Communications
NORML Canada 
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