Pubdate: Fri, 23 Jan 2004
Source: Burnaby Newsleader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Burnaby Newsleader
Author: Chris Buors


The word temptation just about made an appearance in the Keep Dialogue
on drugs open editorial (The NewsLeader, Jan. 13). If it did it would
reveal the moral truth rather than medical chicanery known as
addiction. Drugs are made from chemicals found on the periodic table.
None of those chemicals had supernatural powers of allurement when I
went to school.

Young teens will forever be upsetting older people with their antics.
In my day, long hair, the Beatles and smoking pot, now Puff Daddy,
crewcut baldies and supposed more powerful drugs - if one can imagine
that. Well, I knew it was all lies from the authorities back then and
I still know its all lies.

I was smart enough to educate myself on drugs from sources other than
official. Drugs are evil and only evil people do them is pretty much
still the gist of drug education straight parents pass on to their
youngsters. Too bad because parents could really use some truthful
information from the pharmacologists.

The rites of passage, youth imitating adulthood, has not changed much
in thousands of years and neither has the lessons from the parable of
the fall. I still don't get why drugs must be made the forbidden
fruits for our youth? When the unvarnished truth is told to the youth,
they will make the right choices for themselves. My advice, moderation
in all things. It's a little more timeless and teens will be more
receptive to it than just say no moralizations from hypocrites.

Chris Buors

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