Pubdate: Sat, 27 Nov 2004
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2004sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Frank W. Hubbell


It is good to see a concerted, community-wide effort to solve the murders 
and mysterious deaths of the six African-American women and to try to 
locate the other four who are missing. However, much about how this problem 
is being reported in the electronic and print media is disappointing and 

Although there are regular references to their drug addiction, there has 
not been mention of chemical dependency being a disease that is very 
treatable but one that, like other diseases, can have a relapse feature to 
it. Drug addiction is not a self-inflicted illness. Chemical dependency is 
an equal-opportunity illness found in all segments of our society.

There has been no reporting of the fact that chemically dependent persons 
do things in their illness that they would not otherwise do, do things that 
are a violation of their own value system, do things that go against what 
they really believe. There is a need for the community to address this 
problem with more comprehensive prevention, treatment and rehabilitation 
measures. There has been no discussion about addressing the prevention and 
treatment program gaps that exist in our community.

So far, Robin P. Berry's Forum letter of Nov. 15, "Understand problems 
facing prostitutes; get them help" is the only statement that has been made 
from an informed position.

Frank W. Hubbell

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