Pubdate: Thu, 02 Dec 2004
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: J. King
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What the media is missing is that millions and millions of Canadians and 
Americans are smoking pot. I do not get my pot from organized crime. I do 
enjoy not paying taxes on my pot, and that's what the government is 
missing. Smoking pot is not going away, and it is a lot bigger than 
so-called organized crime having a monoply on it. If you were to legalize 
it and regulate it, there would be less interest in getting it through 
illegal means. It would generate billions and billions in revenue. And the 
list of positives outweighs the negatives. Why doesn't the media show the 
real reason there are so many grow-ops. The truth is staring you right in 
the face: There is a demand for the product. I smoke pot, I don't drink, or 
do other drugs. I will not stop doing something I enjoy, and there are many 
like-minded people out there.

It's time the government looked at the bigger picture.

J. King

(The bigger picture is that gang-controlled grow-ops are a gigantic problem 
- -- and still would be even if Canada legalized pot) 
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