Pubdate: Wed, 01 Dec 2004
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Terrace Standard
Author: Bob Erb


Dear Sir:

I read with interest, and with a grain of salt, the Nov. 17 article
about a man sentenced for having a grow up. I noticed the part on the
value of the pot seized.

Sixty-four starter plants, one inch to three inches tall, turned into
a 12 hour flowering cycle would yield maybe one-quarter ounce per
plant for a total yield of 16 ounces at $150 an ounce for a total
value of $2,400.

The two to four foot plants yield two to four ounces per plant for a
total of seven pounds worth $12,000 to $13,000 sold by the pound or
about $17,000 if sold by the ounce.

Ask yourselves in whose best interest is it to have exaggerated
figures. I also wonder how much manpower and other resources were used
on this pot case, when so many missing persons (Highway 16 and others)
and unsolved murders are on the books in this area.

Not to mention meth labs and crack houses.

Bob Erb, B.C./Terrace Marijuana Party

Terrace, B.C.
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