Pubdate: Wed,  8 Dec 2004
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2004 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White
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Thank you for Reid Williams' series including, "The task at hand"
(SDN, Nov. 21) exposing how different sheriffs and people view the
prohibition of the plant cannabis.

I also thank retired police officer Howard J. Wooldridge for his
letter (Nov.25) and would like to recognize and thank our notable
local retired undersheriff, Gary Lindstrom, who has spoken against the
war on drugs.

It's disappointing to read the current Sheriff's Office refers to
cannabis as a "drug" when police surely have obtained enough to see
it's a plant, not a drug.

If Summit County's Sheriff Office has the power the way sheriffs do in
the Aspen or Telluride area to confiscate cannabis in someone's glove
box without arresting them, then I want to influence the same policy
here, as long as the driver can walk the line.

The majority of Summit County does not support the war on drugs the
way Republicans do and the Summit County Democrats platform included
implementing "incredible drug law reform."

It is a misconception that "the people of the state of Colorado, and
the United States, deem it appropriate" to continue the practice of
arresting citizens for simply using or having cannabis plant material.
We do not.

With this issue in mind, it was disappointing Summit County did not
have a qualified Democrat running for the sheriff's position.

Further and most important, it is biblically correct to stop caging
humans for using cannabis.

Stan White

Summit Cove
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