Pubdate: Thu, 16 Dec 2004
Source: Los Angeles City Beat (CA)
Copyright: 2004 Southland Publishing
Author: Jim Atto, Jr.


This is one of the greatest travesties of justice in American history,
but unlike past injustices of long ago, this is an injustice that we can
correct. Please help stop the senseless persecution of medical marijuana
patients, and the needless imprisonment of harmless marijuana users.
[Re: "Feds vs. Meds," Dec. 9.] Prohibition has destroyed more lives and
families in the last 60 years than marijuana ever could! Millions have
been imprisoned and many have died, yet their only crime was growing or
smoking a plant.

People should only be punished when they've wronged or hurt another
human being, not for what they chose to take into their own body. When
are we going to say, "Enough is enough!" It's time for America to know
the truth about marijuana, and the real reason it became illegal.

Jim Atto, Jr.,
White City, Oregon
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