Pubdate: Mon, 20 Dec 2004
Source: Athens Banner-Herald (GA)
Copyright: 2004 Athens Newspapers Inc
Author:  Collin Woodard


As the recent election has shown, our country is extremely divided. There 
are almost no centrists left.

Because of this, I propose a new treaty with Canada. All the liberals in 
the U.S. will be sent to Canada and in exchange, all Canada's conservatives 
will be sent to the United States.

Democrats and socialists here would love Canada because it is a social 
welfare state, and Canada's Republicans and Libertarians would love America 
because it is conservative.

While we're at it, we could reform the legal code so that after five years 
in jail, anybody with a death sentence or a life sentence is killed. That 
way, we wouldn't spent almost a million dollars keeping a mass murderer 
alive just so we can kill him in 50 years. The five years would be time 
enough to appeal, so appeals would still be available.

Then, we could get the non-violent drug offenders out of jail, and we'd 
have plenty of space to put the real criminals. We could end the drug war, 
too, and save enough money so there would be no deficit.

Collin Woodard
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