Pubdate: Mon, 02 Feb 2004
Source: Delta Democrat Times (MS)
Copyright: 2004 Delta Democrat Times
Author: Anita T. Mayfield


To the editor:

This is in response to the column in the Delta Democrat Times published on 
Jan. 20th ("Drugs force tough decisions, result in unfair conclusions") 
authored by D.V. Adderton.

Mr. Adderton was referring to the police drug raid on Stratford High School 
in Goose Creek, S.C., and concluded that "critical times demand a drastic 
response because our youth need to be protected at all costs, no matter the 
end result."

I have been following this obscene incident very closely with great 
interest from day one. I ask Adderton and the readers to think very hard 
and put yourselves in the place of those students.

Just imagine, there you are reporting to work, getting ready for your day 
and about 10- to 15-minutes after you arrive all hell breaks loose.

Police run in with guns drawn, erratically pointing them at you and your 
fellow workers screaming at you to get on the floor.

When you stand there shocked and confused for just one second, your hands 
are cuffed behind your back and you are smashed against the wall or thrown 
to the floor.

Then the dogs come in barking and straining against their leashes to 
literally eat you alive, and certainly would, with just a word or if one of 
them accidentally broke free.

All this is happening and at this point, you don't even know why. You are 
just laying there completely terrorized. This is exactly what went down on 
that terrible morning. No drugs were ever found.

Can you imagine the terror and the ramifications of these unconstitutional 
acts if it happened to you at your job? Can you imagine the trauma? Can you 
imagine the lawsuits?

Well, these children's constitutional rights were violated - period. Just 
because someone is under the age of 18, they deserve no less protection of 
their rights than you or I do.

How can we ever expect them to respect our laws when they are treated in 
such a vile and vulgar manner?

This insane treatment of our children must be stopped and it is up to us to 
do it.

Adderton might have felt a bit differently if this had been one of his 
children and one of those guns had accidentally gone off.

Yes, sir, the start and end results certainly do matter.

Anita T. Mayfield,

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