Pubdate: Wed, 04 Feb 2004
Source: NOW Magazine (Canada)
Copyright: 2004 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Denny Lane
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I am very disappointed in canada's decision to deport Steve Kubby back to
California (NOW, January 29-February 4). Marijuana is the only medicine that
is keeping Mr. Kubby alive and alleviating some symptoms of the rare cancer
he suffers. I always thought Canada was a much more enlightened and
compassionate country than the U.S. and didn't suffer from the reefer
madness mentality prevalent here. Mr. Kubby is a law-abiding individual.
Stand up to the U.S. and reform your drug policies and show compassion by
allowing Mr. Kubby to live in your great country.

Denny Lane

Waitsfield, VT
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