Pubdate: Wed, 11 Feb 2004
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Terrace Standard
Author: Benjamin Weston


Dear Sir:

I am writing to all the people that think cannabis is a bad thing. Well, 
it's not.

There are plenty of uses for the cannabis plant. Seeds are of great 
nutritional value, and essential oils. The stalks are stripped of the bark 
which is known as hemp. Strong hemp is used in rope, clothing, paper, etc.

The flowers are dried and smoked as a medicine or as a social affair. A 
very economic plant.

I don't understand why people are so convinced that cannabis is a bad 
thing. Sure it gets you high, but so does coffee, cigarettes and the worst 
of all, alcohol.

So many accidents are a result of drinking alcohol. Violent disputes are 
also associated with drinking but yet I can go down to the liquor store, 
purchase as much alcohol as I want, drink myself to death, and it is legal. 
That is wrong.

I have never seen anybody get violent because of a few tokes, never. I 
would rather my children pick up a joint, than pick up a glass of alcohol.

For years people have been hiding in their closets sneaking tokes from the 
law. You shouldn't have to. If everyone would stop hiding and start 
speaking the truth about Cannabis, eventually it wouldn't be a crime or 
burden on anyone. Speak out.

Now I don't think that the government should try taxing it like alcohol and 
cigarettes. They should think of it as any other flower. Don't let them 
profit off cannabis. If you are against Cannabis, I recommend doing a 
little research on the benefits of cannabis sativa before turning your head 

Let it be known. Peace.

Benjamin Weston

Terrace, B.C.
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