Pubdate: Mon, 23 Feb 2004
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Copyright: 2004 The Sacramento Bee
Author: Jay Bergstrom


Re "U.S. drug czar now a backer of prevention," Feb. 12: John P. Walters is 
correctly titled "czar." The despot's visit to Sacramento shows up-close 
that we have failed the test of self-governance.It is not the sound of the 
founders rolling in their graves that you hear, but the sound of the last 
nails being driven into the coffin of our freedoms. That the leaders of our 
community would gather around him is distressing. His lies will not be 
exposed, but are being promulgated. That the visit was protested should 
have been the news.

As usual, he hides behind the children. Just as with the Soviet Young 
Pioneers and the Hitler youth, the insinuation into our schools of the drug 
war shows that our children are being prepared not for citizenship, but for 
acceptance of slavery in the authoritarian America.

The prevention of truth and treatment for critical thinking are his 
objectives. Issues that should be considered by the surgeon general are 
instead usurped by the attorney general.

Wise up America - legalize and restore the right of citizens to their 

- - Jay Bergstrom, Sacramento
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