Pubdate: Fri, 27 Feb 2004
Source: Chilliwack Progress (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 The Chilliwack Progress
Author: K. Carrier


Re: Landlords not consulted on proposed grow-op bylaw.

First of all, I'd like to say I identify with landlords or anybody else who 
has any sort of rental property. In the article, Chilliwack Mayor Clint 
Hames states landlords can avoid fines and fees by simply screening 
possible tenants.

How can you successfully do that? Has he (the mayor) ever tried screening a 
persistent, determined society, which is desperate to find a spot to grow 
their crops? I don't believe it's as easy as the city makes it sound.

For example, my sister owned an apartment building in a small town, which 
has nothing to do with growing illicit produce, but it does deal with the 
deviousness of some of your future renters. These people look you straight 
in the eye and they have no trouble spinning enchanting yarns about their 
quiet drink-free, smoke-free, trouble-free lifestyles and lo and behold, 
some even have the references to prove it. (Composed by a relative or 
friend, of course, for when you check up. It's a proven fact).

The first week or so in their new digs they tiptoe around as quiet and 
invisible as the tooth fairy. After that, wham, the parties start, complete 
with wall-to-wall boom box, cigarette smoke pouring from every conceivable 
crack in the building, and riotous drunken brawls up and down the corridors 
featuring earsplitting smutty lingo that would make your eyes whirl.

While we're at it, why not mention spitting on hallways walls and 
defecating in a variety of corners.

You name it; they do it.

Trying to get them out of there without them doing a whole lot of damage 
such as trashing the place or maybe even torching it before they leave is 
an entirely different ball game. Picture yourself staring at the mounds of 
red tape you have to wade through, on top of everything else. Like Mr. 
Rapaz said, it's a nightmare.

If this is the case with troublesome, cunning tenants of mere apartment 
leasing, then why not the same with tricky misleading renters of other 
properties where someone is frothing at the mouth for a hideaway to grow a 
little illegal grass?

K. Carrier, Chilliwack
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