Pubdate: Sat, 28 Feb 2004
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2004 Stillwater News Press
Author: Stefanie Cole
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The Constitution guarantees the right to privacy. Drug testing is a major
infringement upon that right. What makes a person qualified for a job,
beyond their ability to perform said job? Mental health evaluations? What
constitutes mental health? What about all of the soccer moms who take Xanax,
Prozac and Zoloft? Will those drugs be tested for as well?

There is no good reason for testing someone who is not directly responsible
for the lives of others.

EMTs, police officers, firefighters, bus drivers, commercial pilots. Desk
jobs should be drug-test free! Further, drug tests should be able to say if
someone took drugs in the last 24 hours, not 30 days.

I don't care what my pilot did 30 days ago. I want him to be sober the day
of my flight.

If we're going to test the city employees, we should also test the city
council, the mayor, our judges and think about moving on to the state

What do you think would happen if something like this were proposed?

Stefanie Cole

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