Pubdate: Wed, 03 Mar 2004
Source: Daily Reflector (NC)
Copyright: 2004 Daily Reflector
Author: Phillip Moore


The war on drugs was a failure from the very beginning; drug regulations
increase violent drug activity. Enforcing drug laws causes more violence
than drugs themselves. Moreover, this set of laws interfere with the liberty
and freedom of choice given the American people.

Yes, drugs impair judgment and intoxicate the user, but usually the
user is the only person harmed. It is the right of the user to be able
to use the drugs if he wants, but the moment he becomes harmful toward
another human being, action must be taken. Rehabilitation is a much
better route than imprisonment. If the drug users rehabilitate
themselves, it will be better for them, their families and society.
Sending users to jail is not going to cure their medical addiction.

Addiction to drugs of any kind is medical and not criminal; offering
rehabilitation as an alternative will more likely fix the drug user's
and society's problem. If the user has a family, sending him off to
jail will put more strain on the family, especially if the user is a
single parent. Rehabilitation is also much cheaper and is almost
guaranteed to have better results. By limiting drug intervention, the
drug users are less likely to interfere with the safety of another
person. If the user does, then she should be treated as anyone with a
medical problem and not as a criminal. I thought we learned our lesson
in the 1920s with prohibition. I guess I was wrong.

Phillip Moore

De Ville
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