Pubdate: Fri, 05 Mar 2004
Source: Watauga Democrat (NC)
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Author: Scott Russ



It's tragic that we don't consider the one thing that would end or
drastically reduce the problems with meth labs.

Ending the War on Drugs and legally regulating these

Why would we want to do that you ask? Two words: meth

Do you really think that these folks would be manufacturing this toxic
substance if they were allowed to obtain amphetamines in a legally
regulated environment?

Amphetamines used to be more easily prescribed by doctors. They were
more strictly scheduled after these pills started finding their way
into the recreational market. (Just as the Bush administration now
wants to more strictly control opiate based medications. This will
cause a rise in Heroin use)

So, I have to ask, do we want a legally regulated environment with
acceptable risks or a meth epidemic where any man, woman or child can
buy or sell toxic crystal meth?

The difference in a legal environment is that we have some control
over who gets these substances and an openness that fosters honest
education and offers help to those who need it.

Right now what we're fostering is a criminal environment, a demonizing
of users and a police state where nobody comes out a winner. Why do
you think heroin maintenance programs work so well at reducing the
crime, corruption, death and disease associated with heroin

Chemical concoctions like crystal meth are being manufactured because
of the underground environment we've created with prohibition.
Remember the "bathtub gin" that was manufactured during alcohol

There is no excuse for prohibition. It didn't work in the 20's, it
won't work in the present and it won't work in the future.

Today's War on Drugs is the same as alcohol prohibition. The only
difference is the substance.

When are we going to realize this simple truth?

When our kid is offered meth in an unregulated environment??

Scott Russ

Baton Rouge, La.
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