Pubdate: Wed, 10 Mar 2004
Source: Mayerthorpe Freelancer (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Freelancer
Author: Kamea Zelisko


"Parents Know Meth Is An Issue. Kids Know Meth Is Bad For Them." - Kamea 

Mayerthorpe Freelancer - To the Editor

I would like to comment on Sgt. Beck's Letter to the Editor in response to 
the article, "Meth problem hits local teens" in the Feb. 25 issue of The 

I feel that Editor Rosemary Austin wrote a meaningful article regarding 
meth use in the rural community in Alberta, which Sgt. Scott Beck termed as 
"sensationalizing this devastating drug."

Although it is true Austen did not include facts and statistics within her 
article, providing details as to the devastating effects of this drug and 
its repercussions, I think Sgt. Beck missed the entire point of the article.

There have been several meetings within the community in which parents have 
met with RCMP directly to discuss the issue of drugs in the community, and 
meth use in specific. The RCMP has done a good job of informing the 
community about this problem itself, and that is to be commended.

However, I think Austin chose not to utilize her editorial space to 
reinforce something, which has already been made public knowledge. Parents 
know meth is an issue. Kids know meth is bad for them.

But instead of putting in facts and statistics, Austen wrote a meaningful 
article based on the teenager's point of view.

Rather than sensationalize the problem, I think Austin did a great job of 
relating this problem specifically to rural Alberta, and more importantly, 
taking a personal viewpoint on the article from the eyes of teenagers 
actually facing this problem head-on.

This viewpoint is the only hope parents have for understanding the problem, 
and in turn, hopefully being able to better communicate with their children 
to slow down the rapid expansion of this drug into every teenager's life. 
Even if one parent read that article and felt compassion and understanding 
for their child facing this issue, it was a valuable article that should be 
appreciated for what it was - not a hard news piece about what drugs do to 
your body, but a personal storyline of how these children actually feel.

And no amount of AADAC statistics or quotes from the RCMP could have 
accomplished that.

Kamea Zelisko Edmonton, Alberta
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