Pubdate: Mon, 15 Mar 2004
Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
Copyright: 2004 Chicago Tribune Company
Author: Jim Miller


Toms River, N.J. -- I want to commend Richard Bayer, MD, for his
excellent letter supporting medical marijuana legislation in Illinois
("Prescribing pot," Voice of the people, March 8). It is always good
to read about a doctor who is not afraid to express support for the
right of seriously sick and dying Americans to use marijuana as medicine.

I would like to elaborate on Bayer's statement that we must end
criminal penalties on seriously and terminally ill patients.
Terminally ill means being afflicted by a disease that will cause the
patient's death. For some, death will come soon. No matter how fast
Illinois might act, it will be too late for those patients to be
helped by medical marijuana legislation.

Still there is time for others who are suffering as you read

The sad fact is that for them, action on this issue will not come soon
enough--not because there isn't enough time but because legislators
will not take the time.

When someone dies there are those left behind to mourn their loss. How
will we say we are sorry for deliberately ignoring them in their time
of need?

Life is sacred. We should treat it as such.

Jim Miller, Co-founder

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Union
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