Pubdate: Mon, 29 Mar 2004
Source: Central Florida Future (Orlando, FL Edu)
Copyright: 2004 Central Florida Future
Author: Scott Russ


For my mother and millions of other Americans, medical cannabis is a matter 
of life or death. Cannabis stops my mother's seizures when over 25 
prescription medications have failed. Surgery to remove part of her brain 
was also considered but wasn't an option. Our federal government would have 
Americans believe that medical cannabis is a cruel hoax or myth.

There are over 60 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Synthetic THC, Marinol, 
is but a single cannabinoid and doesn't provide the benefits of the natural 

There is no question that these cannabinoids have medicinal value. Why else 
would pharmaceutical companies be scrambling to create synthetic versions 
of them?

Smoking cannabis isn't the only way it can be ingested. Patients can 
vaporize it, make tinctures or use it in teas and food items, so the 
harmful effects of smoking are no excuse for our government's actions.

We are now getting reports of studies from several nations, including our 
own, confirming the successful use of cannabinoids to treat multiple 
sclerosis, epilepsy, cancer and other sicknesses.

Other nations are distributing cannabis and cannabis-based medications via 
prescription to those who benefit from its use.

In America we incarcerate those who try to alleviate their pain and 
suffering by using cannabis.

It's no coincidence that our brains are filled with cannabinoid receptors.

Humans were meant to use this natural medicine, and our government will one 
day be held accountable for prosecuting sick and dying Americans.

The Drug Enforcement Agency's Administrative Law Judge Francis Young ruled 
in 1988 that:

"The cannabis plant considered as a whole has a currently accepted medical 
use in treatment in the United States, there is no lack of accepted safety 
for use under medical supervision and it may lawfully be transferred from 
Schedule I to Schedule II. The judge recommends that the administrator 
transfer cannabis."

Here is a link to the complete ruling. Please note that his judgment was 
overturned by the administrator based on a technicality, not based on error 
of facts.

Scott Russ  
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