Pubdate: Fri, 16 Apr 2004
Source: Lethbridge Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Lethbridge Herald
Author: Frank Lavoie



Re: Border busts doing little to stop drugs, April 1, The Herald

It is sad to read Const. Jeff Smith of the RCMP Rocky Mountain Border 
Enforcement Team subscribes to the U.S. drug war propaganda illusion that 
stiffer sentences are somehow a deterrent to traffickers.

In reality, it only increases profits and fosters organized crime. "If left 
unchecked..."? ha, you jest, sir! It is, and will always be, unchecked as 
part of immutable human nature and enterprise, as long as you fail to 
realize that as part of the delusion of prohibition, you are a calculated 
and politically necessary part of the business, keeping it profitable.

Research the current situation here in Cochise County, Ariz., and the stats 
for the past two months on illegal immigrants and seized drugs for an 
insight into the part you really play. The realization will eventually dawn 
on all, that enlightened citizens will solve this problem when we face 
reality and criminalize prohibition, prosecute prohibitionists as the 
enablers and deluded enrichers of organized crime, and make the essential 
distinction that it's not the drugs, stupid, it's the behaviour we should 
be concerned with, that is, if it actually impacts someone negatively, 
something the "drug war" does continuously by blindly chasing its own "tales."

Truth and dignity will prevail, sir, not your delusions.

Frank Lavoie, Tombstone 
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