Pubdate: Thu, 15 Apr 2004
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Alan Randell



Re: RCMP raid illegal drug lab in Terrace, Apr. 1.

Here we go again. Another load of propaganda served up by the media to
shore up public support for drug prohibition. It's propaganda because,
as usual, you allow no input from those of us who oppose these
ridiculous laws.

First thing's first, why do governments ban certain

It can't be to protect users because banning a drug always leads to
more deaths amongst users, not fewer, because of adulterated drugs. My
wife and I became well acquainted with that aspect of government
policy when we lost our 19-year-old son to street heroin in 1993. The
harm argument is irrelevant in any event because two of our more
harmful drugs, alcohol and tobacco, are legal.

It can't be to reduce the crime associated with drugs because banning
a drug always gives rise to more crime than when the drug is legally

So what else could it be other than a Hitler-like program to distract
attention away from more important issues by conducting a brutal
program, first to ostracize and then to destroy the innocent few who
ingest or sell certain drugs?

How did the politicians win our approval, or at least our acceptance,
of such a manifestly evil crusade?

Because the media support it.

First, you immerse us in a torrent of "objective" accounts of the
mayhem without allowing your readers to hear the voices of the victims
or of those like me who oppose these laws. Gradually we are persuaded
"they only have themselves to blame". We shrug and turn the page.

Second, you never miss an opportunity to allow those who profit from
the drug laws (cops, drug experts, prosecutors, politicians) to tell
their stories while allowing only the occasional letter from those who
oppose the law. This particular item is just one example among many of
our media's penchant for serving up propaganda masquerading as news
when it comes to promoting drug prohibition.

Why do the media support a brutal government program like our drug

I can only surmise that tragedy, suffering and war, sell more
newspapers and lead to higher TV ratings than happiness, contentment
and peace.

Abraham Lincoln was wrong.

You don't have to fool all the people all the time in order to oppress
the people. All that is required is for the majority to be fooled all
the time, and sadly, that task is child's play once you have the media
behind you.

Please begin to serve the people instead of our politicians and drug

Alan Randell

Victoria, B.C. 
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