Pubdate: Tue, 20 Apr 2004
Source: Whitewood Herald (CN SN)
Copyright: The Whitewood Herald 2004
Author: Chris Buors


Dear Editor,

The police have long argued that no one ever goes to jail for simply
smoking cannabis anymore. Leader of the repeal drug prohibition
movement Marc Emery's treatment at the hand of the Saskatchewan
justice system dispels that notion.

The worst aspect of the War on (some) Drug is evident in Mr. Emery's
jailing. The moral sense of what is right and wrong has gone askew.
The four Cardinal virtues of temperance, prudence, justice and
fortitude have severed humanity well since the time of St. Thomas
Aquinas. The War on (some) Drugs does not measure up to a single one.

Canada has evidently become a Sinful State. Our society is becoming
more decadent because engaging in the Seven Deadly Sins always leads
to spiritual death according to traditional teachings. Harming people
with criminal records in the name of helping them resist the
temptation of pleasure drugs is vainglory defined. Understanding that
self-evident truth clears up why there is little respect for the drug
laws in the middle aged and younger people today.

Marc Emery has had a profound influence on drug repeal. He understands
that alcohol prohibition was repealed because citizens were ready to
reclaim their fundamental right to drink, a right that, in principle,
does not differ from the right to use any substance. Marc is a
libertarian and taught me that we have the right to poison and kill
ourselves with food, alcohol, and drugs because it is a natural right
antecedent to immoral law. In fact, the Bible in Genesis bestows the
plants of planet Earth, not to the state and not to medicine, but to
you. Marc has long argued for individual liberty, personal
responsibility, the free market and rule of law because the best way
to deal with bad laws is by repealing them.

Chris Buors, Prairie Region Organizer; Marijuana Party of Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba 
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