Pubdate: Mon, 10 May 2004
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Section: Pasco Times
Copyright: 2004 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Linda Paey
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Re: Richard Paey case

Editor: How could a court in the United States allow a disabled, multiple 
sclerosis patient in chronic pain be sentenced to 25 years and a $500,000 fine?

A patient who worked with his doctor to get the pain relief he required and 
rightly needed but took on a personal risk to help protect the doctor from 
our justice system. A system that questions any move a doctor makes with a 
patient, no matter how legitimate the need, because the medicine they 
prescribe happens to be addictive. How can this happen here, in this country?

Not only did our justice system allow the state to use trafficking laws 
meant for drug dealers, but it also allowed a conviction to stand even 
though we proved it was based on perjured testimony by the main witness. If 
the prosecutor can bring on a witness they know will lie on the stand, as 
in our case, then think what might have happened in other cases that 
couldn't prove perjury even though it was suspected.

If not for Dwayne Hillis, the juror who came forward to express regret over 
his role, I would have wondered if there was anyone in the system brave 
enough to come forward and say this is terribly wrong and should not be 
happening. Thank you, Mr. Hillis.

- -- Linda Paey, Hudson
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