Pubdate: Thu, 13 May 2004
Source: Newsday (NY)
Copyright: 2004 Newsday Inc.
Author: Thomas J. Hillgardner


While any movement toward the liberalization of cannabis laws is
progress, the limited progress you report in the state legislature is
discouraging ["NY rethinking its ban on medical marijuana," News, May

The notion that cannabis should be prescribed only after all
alternative medications are exhausted is unjustified. Cocaine,
morphine and Oxycontin may be prescribed for pain relief without first
exhausting aspirin.

Also counterproductive is the proposed limitation of its permissible
use to persons with "serious life-threatening illnesses." Certainly,
if an individual obtains pain relief from cannabis, cannabis should be

Legislators need to stop having hallucinations of hippies puffing
joints at Grateful Dead concerts every time "marijuana" is mentioned
and get on with the business of protecting the sensible health-care
choices of New Yorkers.

Thomas J. Hillgardner

Editor's note: The writer, an attorney, is counsel to the Medical
Marijuana Association of New York Inc.

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