Pubdate: Mon, 10 May 2004
Source: Manawatu Evening Standard (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2004 Manawatu Evening Standard
Author: Duncan Eddy


It's not surprising that Lew Findlay is opposed to the legalisation of all
drugs (Manawatu Standard, 22 April 2004), but I wonder if he is also opposed
to cannabis law reform.

Cannabis prohibition is taking a toll on the future of our youth and our
country. Around 70% of New Zealander's under the age of 21 have already
smoked cannabis. It's clear that cannabis prohibition isn't achieving it's
aim of stopping people from smoking marijuana. Sadly, central government
continues to divert funding into enforcing this failed law which would
obviously be better spent elsewhere.

People with problems related to cannabis should receive effective treatment
and education, rather than being arrested and locked up. Yet, as Mr Findlay
knows all too well, community groups trying to reduce the harm of drug use
are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to sourcing funding.
This is outrageous.

Cannabis can cause problems, particularly for youth and those predisposed to
mental illness. But the prohibition of this drug causes more problems than
the drug itself.


Duncan Eddy 

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