Pubdate: Sat, 05 Jun 2004
Source: Midland Mirror (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 Midland Mirror
Author: Lynn Barker


Re: Article on May 14, 'Drug dogs find pot ...'

What a sad day for all of us. Hundreds of innocent people (at Midland 
Secondary School) were locked down for two and a half hours, sniffed by 
dogs, and treated like criminals. Everyone is a suspect, and shall be 
treated as such.

One week earlier, these same hundreds of people were locked down and 
huddled in corners hiding from pretend terrorists. If these people were 
adults at work, the above actions would have severe legal human-rights 
challenges. So why do we allow our children to be subjected to such tactics?

Animosity is created when you treat fellow humans this way. And what did 
this cost in education dollars?

Special-ed programs have all but disappeared, trade courses are practically 
non-existent, enrollment is down, suspensions are up, expulsions are up, 
dropout rate up, and drug seizures down.

Take a look at the students. They are not criminals or terrorists. They are 
young minds being molded by (such) moves. Take a look at the staff. They 
are not guards. They are teachers, sharers of knowledge and guardians. Take 
a look at the building. It is not a criminal institution. It is an 
institution of education.

Think hard about this agenda and what it is teaching. MSS is 100 years old 
and dying.

Lynn Barker
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