Pubdate: Tue, 08 Jun 2004
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2004 Gold Country Media
Author: Eric Knudsen
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With regards to the article by Erin Gallup-Main, "City to weigh
medical pot business restrictions," June 6.

First off, although you mentioned what Steve Kubby had said about his
adrenal gland cancer being fatal without marijuana, you failed to
mention the fact that Steve Kubby's medical doctor has also said that
Mr. Kubby would likely die without medicinal cannabis. I believe this
is important as it gives a lot of credibility to the point which Mr.
Kubby was making.

Toward the end of the article, TJ Smith, a 19-year-old resident of
Auburn, said that medical marijuana is not beneficial and that, "it
shouldn't be legal anyway." Hmmm, let us be silent for a moment,
ladies and gentlemen, so that we may fully absorb the light that
shineth upon ourselves from this 19-year-old's wealth of knowledge.

After having read this "piece" from such a learned scholar, I have to
completely reject the Texas Medical Association's unanimous conclusion
which states medical marijuana does indeed have therapeutic value.
Along with that, I must also reject the fact that the Nurses
Association endorses medical cannabis. Oh yeah, and the patients who
have experienced the benefits themselves first-hand.

Please excuse my sarcasm, but I believe I've made my point.

Eric Knudsen

St. Louis Park, Minn. 
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