Pubdate: Sun, 13 Jun 2004
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
Copyright: 2004 Johnson Newspaper Corp.
Author: Jeffrey Dishaw
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To The Editor:

It appears the Ogdensburg Journal and the Watertown Daily Times have
failed to print the outcome of a trial that started June 2 and ended
June 4 with a not guilty verdict. For some reason or another it has
not been in either the Watertown daily Times or the Ogdensburg
Journal. I question whether the local papers are doing their jobs or
was their political influence keeping this from being put in the
papers? I'm sure if the verdict would have been guilty, the write up
would have been guilty in bold print on the first page. You know how
we have dirty laundry.

Roland John Prosser (Pross) was remanded to the St. Lawrence County
Correctional Facility last Oct. 3, after a "drug round up" by the St.
Lawrence County Drug Task Force. Mr. Prosser was charged with criminal
sale of a controlled substance 3rd degree. He allegedly sold 0.25
grams of a controlled substance (cocaine), to a confidential informant
at Angelo's tavern in Ogdensburg in July of 2003.

After being held for over eight months, Roland John Prosser proved his
innocence to a jury of 12 people on June 4 and has not been granted
the satisfaction of clearing his name. Mr. Prosser was guilty until
proven innocent. is that how our judicial system works? I expect there
will be an article concerning this matter sometime this week in both
the Ogdensburg Journal and the Watertown Daily Times.

If my wish is not granted, I will take further action.

Thank You.

Jeffrey Dishaw
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