Pubdate: Fri, 02 Jul 2004
Source: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (WI)
Copyright: 2004 Eau Claire Press
Author: Dave Michon


Dr. Michael Miller's recent letter calling on the business community
to include alcoholism/addiction treatment in their employee health
insurance plans, is a welcome call to good business sense in the matter.

You have to wonder, however, what good such coverage would be to the
addict if the Drug War beats the doctors to the patient. In that case
the prognosis is dire.

Perhaps an employee struggling with substance abuse would be better
served by a policy that covers the cost of premium legal
representation if you consider the risks inherent in the horrors of
state prison systems. This makes no sense.

We tried; we threw everything we had into a quixotic quest for a
"Drug-Free" country, but even the yahoos protecting Drug War sinecures
have backed away from that whopper.

Drug prohibition is an anachronism feeding on intolerance. A new
millennium has dawned; the time has come for Drug War Inc. to join
alcohol Prohibition in the cesspool of history.

Dave Michon

Eau Claire
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