Pubdate: Sat, 05 Feb 2005
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2005sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Greg James
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Re. the former White House deputy director of national drug policy 
recommending we call our representatives and ask them to vote against 
legalizing medical marijuana:

How stupid does Dr. Andrea Barthwell think people are? She thinks that we 
should ask to take away anything that may help us when we are very sick and 
maybe add comfort to our loved ones or us in a time of need?

The war on drugs is nothing but a jobs program that rocks the very 
foundation this country was founded on. Politicians run on their tough 
stands to make you believe they can stop the drugs and the crime, but we 
are figuring out it is the drug war that causes the crime.

It is a fact that only four percent of people are addicts that cause 
trouble, but she and other warriors want to incarcerate the other 95 
percent of simple users, as well. We can't continue to take the good to get 
the bad. I wonder how many of these warriors use the drug alcohol. I think 
it has blurred their thinking.

Most people would define a free country as one where you can do what you 
want as long as you hurt no one. If you are going to call your legislator, 
call and demand a two-sided conversation on this issue. Anything that 
imprisons this many in a so-called free country should be spoken about by 
people besides those who profit from the issue.

Greg James