Pubdate: Wed, 09 Mar 2005
Source: Kamloops This Week (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Kamloops This Week
Author: Jim Cullen



As usual, our representative to Ottawa - MP Betty Hinton - is
misinformed and illogical in her assessment of stiffer penalties for
drug users (MP calls for stiffer drug penalties, KTW, March 6).

We should be focusing our enforcement efforts on the suppliers and
grow-op operators, not on the people that struggle with substance
abuse problems.

Look south of the border where stiffer penalties related to drug use
have resulted in a failed war on drugs.

The United States spends billions of dollars prosecuting minor drug
offences, when that money would be better spent invested in treatment.

I would suggest MP Hinton do her homework and not use this recent
tragedy in Alberta to sway pubic opinion.

Her suggestions would waste taxpayers' money, clog courts and further
endanger lives.

There is plenty of research that indicates why decriminalization would
be a smart decision for our country. I suggest she should consult with
experts in the field next time before simply reacting to a crisis or

Dr. Jim Cullen